¿What is GDM?

Galería de Arte Daniel Morón is an independent art group that works in the development of self-managed participatory proposals, based in the use of common systems, spaces and materials, trying to achieve big things with very little. The goal of Galería Daniel Morón is to meditate about popular local recent identity, imaginary and memory. It is characterized by its constant research, without falling in any particular discipline. Galería Daniel Morón always appreciates honesty and beauty in the simple things of life.

Galería Daniel Morón bears the name of the Chilean/argentinian soccer idol Daniel El Loro Morón, ex Colo Colo goalkeeper, champion of the Copa Libertadores tournament in 1991.

Galería Daniel Morón was founded in 2008 and is composed by Enrique Flores, Sebastian Salfate and Ignacio Wong. More than 100 artists from different countries and disciplines, both amateur, professionals and enshrined have participated with GDM.