Ayúdeme Usted Compadre

Video Art festival. Galería YONO
August 2011.

This time Galería Daniel Morón carried out the first Festival of Video Art Ayúdeme Usted Compadre, which is established from an open call, made for anyone who wants to present audiovisual work without any censorship, adding it to the creative field of Art. Cooperation is what makes this festival possible.
The videos collected were displayed on an electronic board, mounted on a stadium grandstand built and designed especially for the event.
The goal is to experience the creative possibilities of capturing video and link it to the massive media that uses this technology. The electronic board where the festival was displayed refers to entertainment and television. There was no discrimination between artists and amateurs, as they are all equal to participate in the festival which was sealed in a DVD compilation.
Some participants of the Festival Ayúdeme Usted Compadre:
La Nueva Gráfica Chilena / Ivo Vidal / Laura Galaz / Victor Hugo Bravo / Carlos Altamirano / Bernardo Oyarzún / Yisa / Dj Fracaso / Gabriela Perez / Lino Divas (Argentina) / Alejandra Prieto / Rodrigo Salinas / Galería Chilena / Héctor Selector


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