Copa Galería Metropolitana

Galería Metropolitana
August 2010.

Copa Galería Metropolitana was the process of production and diffusion of a championship (an artistic action that involved soccer), the trophy display (a cup made out of brass whose real value is the situation that the event created) and the exhibition of two videos that recorded the daily life of the amateur soccer through footage of the participating clubs.
Copa Galería Metropolitana was the sum of energies and work of three contemporary art “spaces”: Galería Daniel Morón, Galería Metropolitana and Galería Callejera, that took over the entire production process of the championship. An example of this is the route through the streets of the neighborhood of Pedro Aguirre Cerda that Galería Callejera made to promote the event, guided by the LADA car of Galería Daniel Morón.
Copa Galería Metropolitana, the closing, considered a street-soccer match held in front of the façade of Galería Metropolitana, the “classic” match between the two participating clubs: Real Aromos v/s San Joaquin.
Real Aromos, the winning team, received the cup from Daniel Loro Morón and Luis Zapallo Alarcón.


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