Morón Awards

Galería Metropolitana
December 2011

On Friday December 9, 2011, Galería Daniel Morón celebrated its third anniversary, with a great event at Galería Metropolitana, performing an awards ceremony and presentation of certificates to various independent cultural arts organizations with which it has been involved during its first three years of life.
Prizes were awarded as ethical values​​, emphasizing the power of independent organizations and their current role in civic participation. The event is understood as an alternative ceremony, whose real value is created by the situation itself of its realization.
The new official website of Galería Daniel Morón was presented at the celebration, along with three big pineapple cakes, shared with all the people who came to the event.
Morón Awards closing featured a performance of Esteban Escalona, the oficial chilean double of Freddie Mercury, who performed majestically the greatest hits of Queen.
The event was a resounding success, everyone felt happy.


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