Museo de la Resistencia

Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, Switzerland
September 2012

Local Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile
December 2012

The Museum of Resistance is an art operation based on a suitcase that transports the widest possible chilean artists to Switzerland. It develops according to the will of the people that donate their work, without distinguishing between artistic elites, groups, trends, social clases or academic degrees.
The Museum of Resistance promotes the ideals of freedom, circulation of ideas and dialogues without borders. It desires to break the notion of selection and marginalization that turns the artist into a chosen one by a controlling art institution. The Museum of Resistance arranges itself in an independent way, according to the economic means of Galería Daniel Morón, responding to an assymetrical confrontation, not like the institution possibilities.
This is an open museum. Its purpose is to devise a new concept of museum based on a simple suitcase, that disembarks in another part of the world looking for expansion and retraction, relying on the consequences and problems of each exhibition space.
The Museum of Resistance will attempt to assemble and disassemble as many times as possible while staying outside chilean territory.
The Museum of Resistance moves and changes through the donation of works coming from the place where it is displayed. It’s a work in constant motion, as the suitcase remains open in its own show, inviting people to donate their work, with the only condition of fitting comfortably in this model of transfer.
The Museum of Resistance takes its name from a project of the socialist government of Salvador Allende, where  a lot of artists donated their work for the creation of an international museum of resistance in Chile. Following Pinochet’s coup d’état, lots of works from important artists were destroyed and lost. Finally the museum had to circulate for many years in exile, coming back to Chile with the return of democracy.


The Museum of Resistance of Galería Daniel Morón is composed by:
Freddy Rojas / Catalina González / Radoslav Rakela / Carlos Apablaza / Rodrigo Araya / Carolina Costas / Rodrigo Lagos / Victoria Allende / María Araya / Ignacia Biskupovic / Ash Aravena / Leonardo Casas / Leonardo Portus / Mauricio Bravo / Javier Rodríguez / Pamela Ipinza / Christian Aedo / Enrique Mena / Demian Schopf / Nicolás Astorga / Nicolás Tapia / Nicolás Rupcich / Nicolás Miranda/ Nicolás Labadía / Víctor Hugo Bravo / La Nueva Grafica Chilena / Ivo Vidal / Alejandra Prieto / Catalina Hirth / Tarix Sepúlveda / Ana Maria Fell / Javier Mansilla / Betania Álvarez / Ana María Bravo / Pablo Ortíz / Jocking Ramírez / José Luis Villablanca / Ana Sanhueza / Isidora Gilardi / Rick Zurreckt / Lorena Campos / Gonzalo Flores Muñoz / Enrique Flores / Caterina Purdy / María Cruz Alarcón / Fabiola Alarcón / Daniela Santa Cruz / Javier González Pesce / Chico Maldonado / Sebastián Salfate / Pablo Tenam / Paula Abalos / Matthew Neary / Víctor Bravo / Cristián Silva Soura / Samuel Ibarra / José Dumay / Christian Rebolledo / Héctor Menéndez / María José Monroy / Francisca Khamis / Romina Resuche (argentina) / Andrea Gana / Ignacio Wong / Ludovico Toscano / Rodrigo Adaos / Daniel Bande / Diego Santa Maria/ Claudia Osorio / Cristóbal Busqués / Ignacio Barsaglani (argentina) / Roer / Nicole Larrondo / Trinidad Pacheco / Elisa Grand / Guillermo Siglic / Pablo Rodríguez / Andrés González / Gustavo Guzmán / Muriel Gallardo / Raisa Bosich / Francisco Braithwaite (Asmabrath) / Jacobino Discos / Cumshot Records / Uva Robot / Iglesia de Abigail / Andrés Saez / Thanatoloop


Swiss donations: Thomas Schatte / Victoria Bravo / Ada Avetist / Giula Cila / Constanza Theiler / Milena Buckel / Serge Teuscher / Marisa Cornejo / Peter Schreuder / Barbara Cardinale / Stoja Vukovic / Emilie Guenat / Collectif MITI-MOTA / Cristián Valenzuela / Dafne Carrasco / Simon Wunderlich / David Zehnder / Sara Gassmann / Juan Castillo / Jaap Kroes / Laurence Wagner / Melody Allais / Ramón Pino / Tracy Lim / Niham Somay / Mirella Salameh / Ibrahim Raed / Magali Dougoud / Chloé Besse / LOFT Des Copinos / Léonie Vanay / Lisa Bonard / Bernard Garo / Johanna Di Dio / Ivan Eftimovski / Louise Mestrallet / Christian Wettstein


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