Reino del Odio (Kingdom of Hate)

Dicen que Somos el Atraso
Galería Daniel Morón / Gianfranco Foschino / María Karantzi
Curated by Rodrigo Quijano
Galería Gabriela Mistral
October 2012

Reino del Odio expresses the sense of the Thrash Metal movement in Chile, from its origins in dictatorship, evolution and supposed dissolution. Galería Daniel Morón works with over forty songs from bands of the national and international scene, that are passed through a handcrafted karaoke system, so that the audience can become lead singers of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Pentagram, among many others. It is a very precarious audiovisual system, that gives a glimpse of its working order: 90’s homemade technology.

Reino del Odio shows soccer hooligan codes, as they were born next to the thrash movement in Chile during dictatorship, when the youth was prohibited to get together for political acts. Because of this the youth began to fill the gaps caused by a totalitarian and dictatorial society, getting together in various gangs and movements. Despite the years, the thrash movement in Chile remains its performers and validity, as well as a loyal following of different generations who still believe in the musical and cultural option that it proposes. On the other hand its significance has been diluted by the arrival of new musical movements.

Reino del Odio is the translation of Kingdom of Hate, title of a song by the chilean thrash metal band Necrosis. This song was performed in an awkward TV apparition on Sabado Gigante in the late 80s, and it is remembered for the ignorant treatment of its host Mario Kreutzberger (Don Francisco).


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